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International Conference, "Scalars 2011", University of Warsaw, 26-29 Aug, 2011
Naoyuki Haba
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  • Beyond the Standard Model
  • Early Universe
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The Standard Model of elementary particle physics is almost consistent with experiments below O(100) GeV. However, there are still mysteries, for example,

"(a): What is an origin of mass generation?"
"(b): What is an origin of electroweak phase transition?" (which might be strongly related to an origin of Higgs field),
"(c): Why quarks and leptons have 3 copies (same quantum numbers but different masses)?"
      (which is so-called mystery of generation, and we do not have any clues for it),
"(d): Why neutrino are much lighterthan other quarks and leptons?",
"(e): Why a charge of proton is thesame as minus charge of electron to an accuracy of 1021",
"(f): What is an origin of parity violation?",
"(g): Why our world id 4 dimension?", etc.

These mysteries implies an existence of fundamental physics behind the Standard Model (Beyond the Standard Model(BSM)), and they are important clues to search the BSM. I have researched the BSM by use of "supersymmetry (SUSY)", "extradimension theory", "grand unified theory (GUT)", "new building model". However, I also guess, the BSM is an as-yet-unknown theory, and the above mysteries are related among themselves through new physics beyond our imaginings. Keeping the possibilities, I intensively try to solve the mysteries with new and creative approaches. I also try to suggest new experiments to find out the BSM.

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