Keyword : NMR/NQR、Magnetism、Superconductivity、High pressure


  Pressure Induced Superconductivity in f-electron System

  Non Fermi Liquid State in Ce compounds

  Metal-Insulaor Transition in d- and f-electron System

  NMR Technique under High Pressure

    Osaka University、Nagoya University, Himeji Institute of Tech.,
    Muroran Institute of Tech.,

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a powerful tool to investigate static and dynamical properties of electronic spin near by the observing nucleus. NMR brings rich imformation as follows:

 ・ local density of state at Fermi level in metal
 ・ spin density or spin fluctuation
 ・ symmetry of wave function of Cooper pair in superconductor
 ・ spin structure in magnetic materials

Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance

 Nuclear Quadrupore Resonance (NQR) is observed for nuclei with spin I≧1. This is due to the electrical quadrupole term of the nuclear charge density. NQR has the advantage of investigating the electronic properties under the zero-field.

NMR/NQR under High Pressure under construction !!!

 NMR/NQR with Piston-Cylinder type Cell
 Diamond Anvil Cell ( DAC-NMR )